We all know of a deserving local business that could use a hand spreading the word about their TOTAL AWESOMENESS. Why not nominate them for a Rhett&LinKommercial?
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Salt Lake Community Barbering and Cosmetology

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POSTED  4/5/2010 6:19:01 PM

Rhett and Link you guys are awesome.

POSTED  1/12/2010 7:56:34 PM

LMAO i love this!!!

POSTED  11/18/2009 5:33:45 PM

Oh my gosh...... that is the funniest thing... and sad as well.. lol tho.. I need a haircut.. *goes to schedule an appointment for her stylist and thanks her for being licensed!*

POSTED  11/10/2009 6:24:13 PM

Mr. Hawk
I love the catchy jingle, all your commercials actually make me want to go get a haircut or do what the commercial says!

POSTED  11/10/2009 5:14:41 PM

Go Steelers!
Got my hair cut here last week. Great place to flirt with the girls and only $2!

POSTED  11/7/2009 11:19:57 AM

Grape Culture
Love the slow-motion blow dry!

POSTED  11/6/2009 8:43:37 PM

uhhhh are you seriously upset about that?? i love you guys, your commercials are amazing. i first heard about you when i saw the red house commercial!

POSTED  11/6/2009 2:04:39 AM

How unauthentic. Your "Mormon Missionary" has facial hair. I went to Provo when I was 19 with a goatee and got strange looks all over town. Good commercial, but if you were sincerely devoted, you would have shaved for it!

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